Episode 54

Published on:

2nd Apr 2020

Blue Rupees Episode 54 - Nintendo Mini Direct impressions, Nier, and our Games Gone By schedule

What’d we play?: 00:14:45

What’d we get?: 00:48:00

Trivia: 00:56:10


-Platinum Games announcement was an April Fools: 01:24:20

-Nier Replicant was announced: 01:28:25

-Borderlands 3 devs are getting stiffed on their paychecks: 01:35:10

-Nintendo Mini Direct: 01:44:00

Bullshit?: Mario extravaganza!?: 02:16:40

Games Gone By Updates: 02:23:15

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David (Durandal Joyeuse), Chris (Gor the Movie God), and Adrian (Depunked) come together without fail once a week to discuss the latest news in gaming, show off their latest pickups, and challenge one another to gaming trivia. They also run a sister segment that has spun into its own side podcast, Games Gone By, in which they take a look at games of yesteryear to share experiences with one another and to see if the games were as good as once thought.

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