Episode 107

Published on:

9th Apr 2021

Blue Rupees Episode 107 - Deathloop delayed, Microsoft working with Hololive and Kojima

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00:00:00 Start

00:07:20 What’d we play?

00:33:00 What’d we get?

01:01:45 Trivia

01:17:45 Deathloop delayed again to September

01:27:30 MLB The Show 21 comes to Game Pass Day One

01:38:00 Out goes Mario 35, in comes Pac-Man 99 to Switch

01:44:45 E3 2021 Will be a free virtual event, Sony still skipping

01:52:45 PS3 Game Prices are skyrocketing in wake of shutdown confirmation

01:56:30 Microsoft looking to further secure Japanese audience, partners with Hololive and possibly in works with Kojima

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The Blue Rupees Podcast
Video game news, trivia, and collection discussions
David (Durandal Joyeuse), Chris (Gor the Movie God), and Adrian (Depunked) come together without fail once a week to discuss the latest news in gaming, show off their latest pickups, and challenge one another to gaming trivia. They also run a sister segment that has spun into its own side podcast, Games Gone By, in which they take a look at games of yesteryear to share experiences with one another and to see if the games were as good as once thought.

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